Cosmetic Dentistry with Exceptional Smiles at Landerbrook

Our teeth can make up a large part of our personalities. Beyond their appearance, they are essential in social activities, such as eating, speaking and smiling. The cosmetic dental care Dr. Jason Schermer and his team provide bolsters the function and enhances the beauty of our patients’ smiles.

Restorative Dental Care in Cuyahoga County

At our dental office in Mayfield Heights, our first priority is our patients. To produce lasting results from our care, we first ensure patients have the oral health to benefit from cosmetic improvements. We focus our efforts on restoring our patients’ natural dentition -- repairing compromised teeth, replacing what’s missing, and returning the overall structure of their smiles.

Our professional team teaches patients about different procedures, offering custom treatment plans that can achieve their desired results and address their concerns. We assure patients understand what’s required to maintain good dental health through proper hygiene maintenance in order to prevent future complications from surfacing.

Patient-Centered Cosmetic Services

We believe that to achieve thorough cosmetic care, cooperation between our dentists, our patients, and trusted local specialists is vital. We believe the specialists our Mayfield Heights practice collaborates with are the best in the area. Our practice works closely with other local practices to provide comprehensive care for improved dental function, restored health, and enhancement of our patients’ natural appearance.

Some of the aesthetically beneficial services provided at our office include:

As part of our investment in our patients, our office is equipped with an E-4D machine. This piece of advanced dental equipment utilizes CAD/CAM (Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology to help us craft same-day dental restorations, customized to fit exceptionally well. We’ve cut out the middle man and brought the laboratory into our office, saving patients the hassle of scheduling multiple appointments and eliminating the use of a temporary prosthesis.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction with All-On-4

Several of the dental complications that may arise due to missing teeth, such as diminished ability to speak, the collapse of facial structure, and the appearance of premature aging, can be improved through the use of dental implants. However, patients who are fully edentulous, have severely compromised dentition, or have lower-than-normal bone density may not be candidates for traditional implants. With full mouth reconstruction through the All-on-4 method, these patients can receive treatment to restore near complete dental function.

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