Protect Your Smile Health with Invisalign

happy woman holds invisalign in hand

Thanks to advancements in modern orthodontics, patients now have more than one way to straighten their teeth. Instead of fixed metal brackets and wires, you can achieve a balanced and beautifully aligned smile with clear, removable aligners. Invisalign is the leader in clear aligner therapy for teens and adults. Why? Because it gives results while… Continue reading

What Your Jaw Pain May Be Telling You

Young Woman with Jaw Pain

Each day millions of Americans suffer with jaw pain. For some, this pain can be debilitating and prevent them from doing daily activities. Many people suffer through the pain, relying on over-the-counter pain medication for relief. What they may not realize is that a trip to the dentist may be the answer to permanent relief.… Continue reading

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Older Couple Smiling After Restorative Dentistry in Mayfield Heights OH

A beautiful smile can open many doors. More importantly, a healthy smile can also be indicative of good general health and well-being. Missing teeth can take a toll on the appearance of your smile and overall health. Replacing lost teeth, therefore, is not only smart, but also life-changing in many cases. How Missing Teeth Affect… Continue reading

Get A Smile Makeover with Dental Veneers

Woman Smiling After Porcelain Veneers in Mayfield Heights OH

Very few people are born with the destiny of a perfect smile. Most individuals need a little help in making their teeth look more attractive. Small flaws like slightly misaligned teeth, stains, misshapen teeth and little gaps can make you feel like you need to hide your teeth when you smile or laugh. The good… Continue reading

Mouthguard Musts

It’s the beginning of the new school year and the beginning of many sports! This means for many parents are selecting and purchasing mouthguards for their athletes.  The Mouthguard is an essential piece of athletic equipment! Whether you are playing soccer, field hockey, football, hockey, lacrosse or any collision sport, a mouthguard is a must!  A mouthguard… Continue reading

Basic CPR Training

Last night, I was out to dinner with my family and we noticed the manager speaking with an elderly woman who was slumping in her chair two tables away. We overheard him say to her companion that he was going to call an ambulance. After he left to call, she continued to slump in her… Continue reading

Dr. Andrea’s First Month

Before Dr. Andrea started in our office, she wanted to go to the E4D training center in Dallas. She knew we had been using the Planscan CAD / CAM system since 2008 and she wanted to know as much about it as possible. Before she left for Dallas and the 2 days of intensive training,… Continue reading

When is the Right Time to Take Action?

When is the right time to take action? What makes you take that first step in a new direction? How long do you think about things before taking action? We had a patient who we first met about 4 years ago. On her first visit, she mentioned that she was very interested in Invisalign. She… Continue reading

Don’t Let A Broken Tooth Ruin Your Plans

Airline tickets? Check! Mail held? Check! A neighbor has a key so they can feed the dog? Check! Hotel confirmed? Check! Vacation email autoresponder? Check! Bags packed? Check! Time for a relaxing lunch? Check! And CRACK! I think that was my tooth! We’ve all been there. All the plans are in place. Everything is set… Continue reading

Invisalign® vs. Braces

In the world of orthodontics, there are a plethora of options to straighten teeth. Many misaligned mouths choose Invisalign clear braces, the discreet option for straightening teeth. But in some cases, traditional metal wire braces are more successful. When Braces Are Best For some, their misalignment is severe enough to require metal braces. Although Invisalign… Continue reading

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