The Benefits of Same-day Crowns

With recent updates in dental technology, patients can receive crown restorations with just one office visit. Dentists and patients alike prefer same-day crowns for the many benefits they provide.

Dentists equipped with CAD-CAM modeling, cone beam computed tomography, and an E4D milling machine can offer patients the latest the dental industry has to offer. These machines allow them to complete the entire restoration process, from preparation to placement, in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Some advantages of this method include:

  • Reduced wait times. Patients can return to their busy schedules faster with same-day crowns.
  • Preserved natural tooth structure. The E4D machine requires less of the tooth to be removed to accommodate the crown than traditional methods.
  • Durability. Although E4D crowns are milled in less than an hour, they are just as strong as their lab-manufactured counterparts.
  • No temporary crowns. When receiving traditional crowns, patients must have their tooth reshaped to fit the crown properly. As they wait for their crown to be manufactured, patients wear delicate temporary crowns to protect their teeth. These temporaries are not sturdy and may impose dietary limitations.

Comfortable Preparation

In the past, patients had to endure uncomfortable putty impressions. With 3D imaging and CAD-CAM technologies, dentists can quickly make accurate models of the dentition using 3D technology.

To capture a 3D image of the teeth, your dentist will use a special type of x-ray called a cone beam. In a single scan, cone-beam x -rays can produce three-dimensional images of the entire craniofacial region. For a dentist’s purposes, they will most likely only create images of the tooth and bone. If necessary, this technology could also capture detailed images of the soft tissues and nerve pathways.

Computer-aided technology/ manufacturing (CAD-CAM) technologies allow a dentist to create a physical model of the 3D image of the teeth. This model will be used in the preparation of the final restoration.

Restore Your Smile

Choose E4D milled crowns to preserve the natural tooth structure. The E4D method of tooth preparation has been perfected over three decades. Traditional laboratory-manufactured crowns require the natural tooth to be reduced significantly, whereas E4D crowns require much less preparation.

To create a restoration, the E4D milling machine will drill a crown from a small block of porcelain. The information collected by the cone-beam and other x-rays will tell the E4D what size and shape will fit the tooth.

For Same-Day Crowns In Mayfield, OH, Choose Dr. Schermer

Jason Schermer, DDS, and Noor Almudallal, DMD, offer same-day crown restorations at their Mayfield dental practice. Our sophisticated technologies empower dentists and patients to complete restorative procedures in less time, with outstanding results. If you have more questions about our same-day crown services, please feel to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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