Dental Implant Restorations

When patients choose dental implants from our Mayfield Heights office, we give them a superior experience from start to finish. Our dentists are committed to providing the most successful placement of your dental implants as well as providing the highest quality dental implant restorations that sit on top of your implants. Implant restorations refer to the prosthetic teeth that are secured to the titanium posts (implants) underneath your gum line. As part of our restorative dentistry options at Exceptional Smiles at Landerbrook, we offer a wide variety of implant restorations to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of each patient.

Depending on how many implants are needed and where they are in your mouth, you may choose a dental implant restoration such as a crown, bridge or denture. We will carefully discuss your options with you, as we know this represents a lifetime decision for rebuilding your smile. Most importantly, we will use the highest quality materials to fabricate and customize your restorations. Implant restorations should be strong, as well as natural-looking and comfortable.

Implant Repairs

Dental implants carry an exemplary success rate of up to 98%. However, this does not mean they won’t fail or become damaged from time to time. As a patient of Exceptional Smiles, you can trust that we will be here to provide any implant repair you may need in the coming years. We have an implant specialist who can handle implant repairs that involve simply adjusting your implant restoration (crown, bridge or denture) or those that require complete implant replacement. We want you to get the maximum return on your dental implant investment. Therefore, you’ll also find that we go out of our way to educate patients on ways to protect and care for their implants.

Don’t suffer the consequences of missing teeth any longer. Choose our talented implant dentists in Mayfield Heights for the smile restoration you deserve. We proudly offer beautiful dental implant restorations as well as prompt implant repairs. Contact Exceptional Smiles at Landerbrook today to schedule your appointment.

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