Tooth Extractions

At Exceptional Smiles, we pursue all options of restoring damaged teeth before we recommend an extraction. However, in some cases, removing a badly damaged or decayed tooth may be the only option or the best option in light of your future oral health. For example, removing a severely decayed tooth can prevent the likelihood of a bacterial infection spreading to nearby teeth.

Rest assured that we perform tooth extractions with the highest level of care and expertise. Not only do our dentists have ways to keep you comfortable and relaxed, but we also use advanced techniques and technology to preserve as much healthy tissue and bone as possible during your extraction.

Before we initiate treatment, we will discuss your options for tooth replacement, or ways to close the gap in your smile. It is risky for your self-esteem and oral health to have a missing tooth for a long period of time. Missing teeth that are not replaced in a timely manner can lead to shifting teeth, oral health issues and bone loss. For your convenience, our Mayfield Heights dental office is equipped to provide full range of options in restorative dentistry, including bridges, dentures, partials and dental implants.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

While modern dentistry has come a long way in terms of repairing damaged teeth, not all teeth can be saved. Patients may need an extraction after a traumatic dental injury or when they have extreme decay, advanced infection or impacted wisdom teeth. It is also common to need tooth removal to prepare for orthodontic treatment, especially when teeth are crowded. Regardless of the reason of your tooth extraction or your level of anxiety about the procedure, you can trust our dentists to put you at ease and make your visit as painless as possible.

To learn more about our conservative and painless tooth extraction methods at Exceptional Smiles at Landerbrook, please contact our office today. We offer convenient scheduling and flexible payment options.

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