Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth are the final molars to emerge, which typically occurs between the ages of 17 and 21. Unfortunately, this third set of molars is known for causing more harm than good. We don’t actually need our wisdom teeth for dental function, and they often don’t have enough jaw space to properly erupt. Wisdom teeth can come in sideways, partially erupt or get impacted below the gum line. These are unfortunate situations that can result in pain as well as misalignment, decay, infection, jaw cysts and other complications. Therefore, wisdom teeth removal is often recommended as a proactive general dentistry measure to help patients avoid these potential consequences.

Not all patients need wisdom teeth removal. However, if a dental x-ray reveals that these back molars are limited on space and are likely to emerge incorrectly, it is better to go ahead and extract them. While wisdom teeth removal can be performed on adults of all ages, it is commonly provided for patients who are in their late teens.

Do Your Wisdom Teeth Need to Come Out?

At Exceptional Smiles at Landerbrook, we are known for excellence when it comes to wisdom teeth removal. We have everything you need for a comfortable and smooth oral surgery. Not only does our office pursue the latest dental technology but our dentists are also trained in the most advanced extraction techniques and offer sedation dentistry to ensure your procedure is painless. We will give you detailed post-operative instructions on how to care for your extraction sites and foster optimal healing at home. Complications after wisdom teeth removal are rare, and most patients return to normal eating and activities within 3 to 5 days.

Do you have more questions about what to expect during wisdom teeth removal? We are happy to explain every step of this straightforward procedure to eliminate your angst or concerns. Reducing patient anxiety is a top priority at our Mayfield Heights office.

Contact Exceptional Smiles at Landerbrook today to learn if you are a candidate for wisdom teeth removal. We love taking care of your smile through all stages of life.

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